Concrete Process


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The Process:  After demolition and removal of the old concrete, if required, the next and most important step is the preparation of the pour.  This is where many contractors cut corners and, after the concrete is poured, may not be a factor immediately, but is very important to the durability of the slab.  After the elevations are established and the forms are set, we always excavate enough dirt to allow for a 3” to 4” rock base beneath the slab. making sure to maintain a consistent 4” minimum pour.  The rock is then compacted with a motorized tamper to create a solid foundation for the slab.  Before the concrete is poured, wire mesh is installed throughout the pour and if the new concrete is poured against existing concrete, steel dowel pins are drilled into the existing concrete to prevent separation.
Obviously the finish of the concrete is how most jobs are judged.  Even the best prepared projects can fall short if the concrete isn’t finished properly.  This is another area where some contractors try to shave time by not taking the necessary time to give the concrete the best finish possible.  A quality job requires a quality finish and we are dedicated to taking whatever time and effort is required to insure an attractive and durable finish.  After the concrete is finished we highly recommend a high grade sealer to protect the surface against the harmful elements present in the Midwest.
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Concrete Process 
What You Should Know

Whether it’s concrete, your kitchen, siding, windows or floors, make sure any contractor you hire is fully bonded and insured. If you hire a contractor that is not insured, YOU (the homeowner), assume all liability. That means if an accident happens or damage occurs, you are the resonsible party.

Mead & Moore is fully bonded and insured with $500,000 liability and $1,000,000 personal injury policies.
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